Industrial companies are facing major change with many developed markets experiencing slow growth and stagnant margins, and demand and production shifting to China and other developing countries where profitable growth has proven to be elusive.  Overcoming these challenges can’t be done through better execution alone – companies must also consider alternative business models and capital allocation changes to deliver advantaged rates of economic profit growth versus peers.

At Marakon we work with companies in the Industrials sector to address their highest value strategic and organizational issues, and help them turn their strategies into industry leading performance. Our experience over the past 30+ years shows that profits are always highly concentrated; typically 30-40% of invested capital is responsible for all the value creation in an organization.  Getting a clear view of the sources and drivers responsible for this value concentration is our starting point for building management alignment on the short list of priorities for driving a material acceleration in profit growth. 

Our clients include companies across a range of industrial, manufacturing, process, and natural resource/commodity sectors.

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