Boutique Firm, Global Reach: A distinguishing feature of our people is that we want to have it all, but this also means making time for outside interests – playing leadership roles in our communities, pursuing personal projects and enjoying your personal time.

We believe it takes well-rounded people to deliver value for our clients. Whilst clients demand rigorous and impactful advice, they also want their advisors to be good company and to be a source of fresh ideas and energy.


Accelerating Your Development: Professional development is, and always has been, at the heart of our practice and remains one of the highest priorities of our firm. Marakon's professional development program provides an outstanding foundation for a career in business and consulting, and within your first two years at the firm, you will receive over 150 hours of formal instruction.

Training Program: Our training program covers all the core skills you will need to become an effective consultant. The program modules are highly interactive and include presentations, exercises and case studies. The training program is delivered by a mix of external professionals and internal experts including our Vice Presidents.

Furthermore, we actively help you develop your general business understanding through regular practice sharing sessions, based on real-life examples.


All new hires are allocated a peer buddy to answer questions, pass on experiences and tips as well as provide an informal sounding board on work or non-work related issues. This relationship is invaluable in accelerating your integration and enables you to 'hit the ground running'.

You will also be assigned a coach who formally oversees your professional development. The coaching relationship is at the core of our approach to developing our people by providing support, guidance and structure throughout your career to help you develop to your full potential. For our more senior members of the firm, their ability to provide coaching support plays a significant role in their own development and has a material impact on their progression. This further nurtures an environment in which development, rather than evaluation, is the norm.


Onwards and Upwards: For those consultants who decide to leave Marakon, the opportunities are exciting and diverse. Our alumni join the world's top business schools, take leadership positions in Fortune 200 / FTSE 100 corporations, pursue careers in alternate fields ranging from entertainment and design to public policy, and even launch their own businesses.



From start to finish Marakon is personally invested in the partnership and relentlessly pursues the right answers and optimal outcomes. From Marakon you will get robust and leading strategic thinking, and a roadmap to implementation. They have set themselves apart within their industry, and we are a better company for having partnered with them.

Philip Yuzpe, President and COO - Sentry Investments


Marakon applied a disciplined approach to help us navigate our complex questions. They employ a good blend of classic strategy approaches, advanced analytics and a much welcomed sense of pragmatism.

Head of Strategy - Large online brokerage


The partnership is unparalleled. Marakon helped us to develop the right strategic priorities and build-out the capabilities to deliver against them. In that way we were able to create significant value in the business in a relatively short time — disciplined value creation.

Bridgette Heller – Former EVP and President of Merck Consumer Care


A consultancy that has advised some of the world’s most consistently successful companies.

The Economist


Marakon’s strategic thinking, organisational insights and personal dedication to our success is the best I have experienced in the strategy space.

CEO - Aviva UK


An absolutely top notch consultancy, among the half-dozen firms that form the elite in strategy consulting.