Our training program covers all the core skills you will need to become an effective consultant, ranging from finance & accounting, strategy development and problem-solving through to communication and leadership skills. The program modules are highly interactive and include presentations, exercises and case studies. The training program is delivered by a mix of external professionals and internal experts including our senior Directors.

These are some of the training modules you can expect to benefit from upon joining the firm:

  • Consulting Fundamentals
    Week-long integration program which covers an introduction to our practice and the core principles which underpin how we work with our clients. During this week we cover key areas such as strategy development, finance, modelling and communication skills. It is also a great opportunity to get to know your peers as well as meet the senior management team

  • Introduction to Strategy
    Week-long global program designed to deepen your understanding of the major principles, tools and frameworks we use to think about business problems. It also provides a great opportunity to get to know peers from around the world. The week is structured around a competitive case exercise, allowing everyone to put their new skills to the test in a fun environment

  • Financial Foundations
    Three day program designed to further your mastery of the financial principles underpinning our work. Topics include capital structure, corporate finance & valuation as well as relating these principles to corporate goal setting. You will further develop your skills in these areas through additional modules including our ‘Financial Analysis Bootcamp’

  • Business Unit Strategy
    Three day training module which gets to the heart of strategy and the skills required to generate superior insights for our clients. Topics include assessing attractiveness of markets, competitor business models & performance, as well as strategy formulation & execution

  • Corporate Strategy
    Full day module focused around how to make a company worth more than the 'sum of its parts'. Topics covered include definition of winning, company structure & role of the center, portfolio management as well as approach to corporate priorities and decision making

  • Annual Firm-Wide Conference
    Three day program which you will attend with your global peer group every summer. The overriding theme varies every year and is built around external experts, keynote speakers, team exercises and case studies, not to mention a lot of fun

Our training program helps you build all the skills you will need to be an effective advisor. Furthermore, we actively help you develop your general business understanding through regular practice sharing sessions. These sessions are based on real-life examples and cover a variety of topics.