Are you looking for people with degrees in specific disciplines?

No. We are looking for people with the aptitude to think logically and communicate effectively. Our team has people who studied a whole range of different subjects (economics, history, science, engineering, philosophy, law, etc.)

Do you require a second language?

No, but they are a benefit given we have projects globally.

Do you accept applications from PhD or postgraduate students?

Yes. We do not have a pre-determined single point of entry for doctoral students. Rather, we assess each candidate on an individual basis and actively discuss the appropriate entry level with the candidate. Even if you do join at the Associate level, as most PhDs do, our experience suggests that you’ll have the means to develop and progress your career at an accelerated rate.

Do you offer internships?

Currently we are only able to offer internships in the London office.

What opportunities are there to work abroad?

Travel is client-driven and projects are mostly located in the country where you are based, although there are some opportunities for international travel.

Do you provide work sponsorship?

We do sponsor work visas and welcome applications from international students who are eligible to work in the UK. Sponsorships are treated on case by case basis.

Who can I address the cover letter to?

You can address the cover letter to “Recruitment Manager”.

How much do you pay?

Our salaries are highly competitive with other strategic consultancies. We annually benchmark competitor salaries and we rank in the top firms.